At Cold Daddy, we believe there is a better way to do cold water immersion. A more efficient and economical way where ice is irrelevant rather than a necessity. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to provide our clients with the technology to achieve this. Our clients range from private individuals to NFL teams, and they utilize our innovative chillers and tubs to minimize labor, maximize cost-savings, and make cold water therapy more practical than ever before. Let us work with you to find a Cold Daddy solution that best fits your cold water therapy needs.






A native of Waco, Texas, Hobby graduated from Baylor University in 1986 and has successfully started, and sold, multiple companies. Cold Daddy is his newest venture, and it allows him to pursue his passions for sports and sports medicine. As he always has, Hobby focuses on doing everything with his core values of hard work, honesty, and customer satisfaction in mind. He believes these characteristics should influence every aspect of the business, including his relationship with his customers. But don't just take his word for it - browse through the testimonials, where you'll get a great idea of the way he works and the results he produces. When he isn't working you can typically find Hobby spending time with his wife, Krista, fly fishing in the mountains,  playing a round of golf, cooking meat on his smoker or enjoying spectator sports.

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Born in 2011. An industry leader in sports therapy today.
We've been in business for nearly a decade. Here are some major milestones along the way.

Cold Daddy is launched in early 2011.

First Cold Daddy product is sold.

Cold Daddy sells   its 25th chiller.

Cold Daddy undergoes new leadership.

The BAY Tub is created.

Cold Daddy chillers become patented.

You buy a

Cold Daddy.

"Every program should have
Cold Daddy"

Former NFL Player

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